Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Researching the meats

I've been researching healthy meats I can eat for my diet. I've found out that buffalo meat is actually pretty healthy. From buffalohillsbisonmeat.com, I've found out that buffalo meat has more than three times less fat then select beef, 143 calories, less cholesterol, more iron and vitamin B-12! I heard it was a lot more expensive than beef, though. Obviously, I'm going to try to buy organic beef, pork, chicken, and turkey. Turkey can substitute for beef in most cases, and I rarely eat pork. I've never tried sardines, but I've learned that they are very nutritious (especially since they're eaten whole.) I love tilapia! In fact, I'm having some tonight! :) Haddock is pretty good too. I'm not so sure about these being organic, but again, I will try if I can. I am going to ask my sister if she can pick me up some vegetarian sushi. The seaweed is also very healthy. This is all I've learned for now...later I'll research fruits and veggies to eat as well as drinks and snacks. Next week will be awesome!

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